Here is the list of Roads created by Fans.

Road Name Inventor of the Road Riders of the Road Variant Riders Exclusive Road? Regalia User Creator
Cyclone Road Kyo Haruki Kyo Haruki Yes  Cyclone Regalia: Typhoon Force User:YoungEezy27
Jungle Road Tyson Kait
Yes Jungle Regalia: Jungle Blades User:Grandfire
Scorch Road Kassadin Fread Kassadin Fread Yes Scorch Regalia: Dooomed Vitalita-Hermes User:Spit fire0x0
Wave Road Izumi Nonaka Izumi Nonaka Kyo Haruki (Cyclone Road) Yes Wave Regalia User:Souluser1
Sonic Road Van Sahashi Van Sahashi Blast Regalia User:Souluser1

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